Monday, February 8, 2010

Long Program

After resting for a couple of hours, we started to get ready for our long program. Thankfully, there were no pudding spills this time and we were able to get by okay. We had a short off-ice before we left the hotel, warming our muscles up, and then left for the rink. After doing our regular warm up, we went through our program, put our lifts up, and did another program with just our faces.

Soon after, we left for the locker room to put on our dresses and skates. When we were all ready, we did our team cheer and the USA cheer. After the ice cut, we went to the side of the ice rink, took some deep breaths, turned our performance on, went out there and skated a nice program. We were happy with our performance and ended up in 10th after all 16 teams had skated

If you missed our performance, click on this link to take you to see it!

After skating, we watched the rest of the teams (and cheered on Starlights who got 9th!) and loved watching Nexxice, Paradise, and Team Unique. We went and saw our parents and watched the awards ceremonies then went back to the hotel for some yummy pastries, bread, cheese, and (for the parents) wine. Most of us were dead tired, but we stayed up until 4 in the morning (later for some of us...) talking, packing, showering, and just having a good time. The next day we would be leaving, so we were spending our last moments in France with our friends and looking back at all of the fun times we had.

We'd like to thank the people who have been so supportive of us. We really appreciate it! And we were so happy to hear that some of the families got together last saturday to watch us and support us at the Creme de la Crepe in Long Beach!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Short Program

So after walking back to the hotel, we got dressed for short program. Our purple dresses and make-up made us feel all the more sexy in our program. However, while we were getting ready, Megan had tossed her pudding cup on the bed which wasn't the best place to put it because soon after, Donatella comes along and accidentally sits on the pudding cup. It explodes in the sheets and they try to clean it up, but Megan is more worried about the fact that she wouldn't be able to eat her pudding any more.

Once our hair and make-up were done, we took our dresses and walked to the rink. We found a place outside to warm up and walk through our programs. When we walked into our locker room, we put our dresses on and chilled for awhile. We got pumped up by singing our Big Spender song at the top of our lungs to beat out the people shouting in the locker room next to us (it's a good thing we don't sing while we're on the ice...). We put on our skates, walked out to the rink, and prepared ourselves by taking deep breaths and massaging the skater in front of us.

We stepped onto the ice, confident and feeling sexy, and skated a great short program. We beat our score from Porter and were happy to have skated the way we did. We are sitting in 10th place right now (aside Starlights who are in 9th) and we will be skating 6th for the long tonight. After taking off our skates and dresses, we went up to the stands to watch the rest of the teams skate. A lot of us haven't been able to attend an international competition, so it was cool to see teams from different countries. The event ended around 11, so we walked back to our hotel after the draw and went straight to bed.

This morning, we were able to sleep in until 9 am. We went down for breakfast and had time to get ourselves ready for long program official practice. In a conference room down stairs, we had off-ice to warm us up and go over small details. Walking to the rink has now become a breeze (since we have walked it many times over the last week), and we had another off ice before going into the locker room and putting our skates on. Our practice went very well and we did (almost) 2 full programs. Were happy with our practice and pulled our skates off and walked back to our hotel. We ate at the same Italian restaurant that we ate at on Wednesday and had a very satisfying lunch. Now we're back at the hotel taking naps, doing homework, and (of course) updating the blog :]

If you missed us live..

Click on this link to watch a recap of the competition!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Woke up in the morning feeling like...

skating official practice! Everyone was really pumped to perform our programs for the technical panel. After strolling on over to the ice rink we headed into the locker room. We laced our skates and tried to (unsuccessfully) translate our fellow Finish competitiors cheers. We took the ice and skated two strong run-throughs and still had time left to stroke around and really get our feet beneath us.

After lunch and a NAP :) we walked back over to the rink and cheered on our fellow Americans, Chicago Jazz. It was difficult to really watch the teams skate since we were being mobbed by French elementary students. The language barrier did not stop them from getting our autographs, shaking our hands and giving high-fives.

Now feelings of excitment and anticipation are in the air as we slick back our hair and beautify ourselves for short program tonight! We skate around 9:00PM (about 1:00PM, for you)! So, send good luck wishes and watch us LIVE on the official French Cup website:

Cal Gold in the News!

Follow this link to read about California Gold
in the Vacaville Reporter!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


So, since we didn't blog yesterday, we'll cover both days :]

Wednesday, the team slept in until 8 am, then got up to eat breakfast and do homework. We went to walk around Rouen and eat lunch. Amy and Britney Mathis talked about the history of Rouen including the Notre Dame in Rouen and Joan of Arc. We ate a delicious lunch complete with teeny-tiny mousse desserts. We then walked back to our hotel to prepare for unofficial practice. After a minor scare in which Brittany Cisneros got locked in the ice rink's bathroom (successfully saved by Gail Harriett) , we were ready to skate. In the middle of practice, Taylor, who had already injured her finger, dislocated her thumb. Thanks to our well-qualified team doctor, she was ready to skate in no time. After a good practice, we went to a small pizzeria where we had dinner. When we arrived at the hotel, we had a quick stretch/meditation session with Coach Meyer. It really helped us calm down and get to bed after a long day.

Thursday, we woke up at 5 am to walk to the ice rink for another unofficial practice. We had three half hour increments on the ice that were all successful and productive. Other teams were starting to show up at the rink which made the competition seem all the more eminent. Lynn Benson, our USA team leader, gave us the basics on how the competition will run. Shortly after, we had a couple hours to relax and do homework. When the team was refreshed, we went into town again to eat and shop. We were impressed by the large selection of French pastries we came across (they were so cute!). The team came back to the hotel and relaxed some more before going to the draw. Brittany Cisneros and Megan got to pick between a variety of toy bunnies and bears to determine our skate order for short. We drew fifth! (Starlights, our fellow Team USA members, will be skating third) After meeting up at the rink, we ate dinner and went back to our hotel for another quick stretching/meditation session. And now, we are going to bed! Goodnight!

P.S. Since it takes us 20 minutes to walk to the rink, we found a more efficient way to carry our bags (see below).

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Into Paris We Go!

This morning, we all woke up early, ready to skate a great practice. After a short 20-minute walk through the streets of Rouen, we arrived at the rink, wandering aimlessly, looking for a rink assistant, let alone a light. Then we got on the ice (loving the fact that it was blue) and prepared to get our feet back underneath ourselves. We worked really hard during our 2 hours on the ice and accomplished our goal of getting used to it. While we were taking our skates off, we passed a group of Europeans, who stared at the logos on our Team USA jackets (the first of many today).
The hotel hosted a wonderful breakfast for us and another team…a men’s futbol team (that’s soccer, by the way). Once Cheryl told us that we had a whopping 45 minutes to get ready to venture into Paris, we booked it to our rooms for showers and primping, since we knew the vast amount of pictures that would be taken.

The bus picked us up from the hotel and drove by the famous Moulin Rouge. The rather small windmill was hard to capture through the rainy windows. Then we had to depart from the bus and walked to Montmarte Hill to see the Sacre Cour. After climbing up the steps to see the cathedral, we saw an amazing view of Paris. Stephanie and Chelsea introduced us to the history and significance of Sacre Cour. It was an astounding cathedral, with beautiful architecture. We came out of the cathedral to walk into the little souvenir shops, where street artists lined up to display their art, even in the rain. Somebody discovered a crepe shop at the side of the road and suddenly there was a mob of hungry girls surrounding the shop.
Walking with our crepes, we approached the entrance of the metro station. We bought our tickets and raced onto the train, a first for many skaters. While waiting for our stop, we guarded our bags, eyeing every person who hopped onto the train. Pushing ourselves through the crowded metro car, we hurried off, worried that somebody would be left behind (luckily that didn’t happen).

Continuing our self-tour of Paris, we visited Notre Dame next. Elizabeth and Alaina talked about the background of the cathedral, especially the construction and architecture of the building. Escaping the wind and rain, we entered the gothic cathedral to see the awe inspiring stain glass windows and towering ceilings. Sadly, we didn’t go up the bell towers, mainly because we wanted to save our legs to skate. Deciding that we wanted to eat something, we wandered through the Latin Quarter, and found the CafĂ© de Flores.

Once we finished eating, we walked to the D’Orsay Museum. Caitlin and Annaleigh explained how the museum was once a train station and how it came to house the largest collection of impressionist art in the world. A quick hour later, we had covered most of the museum, claiming that the Birth of Venus was one of our favorites.

In our last stop of our self-tour, we walked for several blocks (or miles…we couldn’t tell the difference) to see the Eiffel Tower. Coach Amanda and Megan presented history and fun facts about this well-known landmark. Although it was late at night, some of the team took an elevator to the second floor. The view was SPECTACULAR! We snapped many photos, and returned to the elevator. But as the doors closed, poor Caitlin was left standing outside, sadly waving goodbye (the elevator was stuffed). Eventually everyone made it to the ground and back onto the bus for the 2-hour ride back to Rouen.
It was a fabulous start to our adventure in France :D

Monday, February 1, 2010

We've made it! California Gold is now safely tucked away into our beds getting our beauty sleep before an early practice tomorrow morning. We arrived in Paris around 5:00am U.S. time, 2:00pm here! After clearing customs we made our way to meet up with our luggage and Sammy our bus driver! We then drove about 20 minutes into the heart of Paris and right around the Arc de Triumph.On our way to the Louvre, Brittany C. and Melissa gave us a little run down of the museum's history, noting such facts as its previous purpose as a dungeon! Thanks to our flashy Team USA jackets we were allowed to experience the Louvre free of charge. We saw everything from Mona Lisa's smile to Michelangelo's spectacular Sculpture of the Dying Slave. Sammy then took us to the Seine River where we would be taking a night-time river boat cruise through the city. Hungry skaters ate some "french-style" hotdogs (a hotdog stuffed into a tradtional french baguette, with all of the fixings) while waiting for out boat to wisk us away! Soon enough we were traveling down the Seine taking in the "city of lights,"as Parisians call it. And lights there were, we all watched bright-eyed as the Eiffel Tower light up with dancing lights on the hour, each hour.Pictures of our adventures to come, but now we must hit the pillow and prepare for what brought us here...skating! Goodnight USA!
Tout notre amor (all of our love),