Sunday, January 30, 2011

California Gold on TV!

The upcoming movie, RISE, is being promoted big time during the US National Championships on television. About a minute into this trailer, California Gold makes a short appearance from our performance in Spokane, WA for last year's Nationals. Be sure to check out RISE and support US Figure Skating by going to see the movie February 17th!

Later this week, California Gold will be leaving for Minnesota where it is FIVE DEGREES outside! But, the freezing cold weather will not faze us and we are ready to out out some great programs. This morning, both our Novice and Senior teams had amazing practices and are pumped to perform this weekend. Another thing we are excited for is the debut of out Adult Team! They will be performing for the very first time this weekend and we will be cheering our loudest for them!


Come see Southern California's rising stars on ice at Skatefest!
Including performances by California Gold Novice, Adult, and Team USA Senior Team.

Ticket Pricing
Adult- $10
Children -$5 (10 and under)
Lunch- $10 - Taco Bar hosted by Baja Sonora

Price includes a public skate with our stars! (Skate rental not included)

Taco Bar opens at noon and the show begins at 1:00pm.

The event also hosts a silent auction and raffle baskets made by our skaters. Raffle tickets at $1 per ticket or $5 for six. As well as an IPad raffle!!! Tickets for the IPad raffle are $5 each.

Come show your support for the California Gold skaters and enjoy a wonderful show! If you can not make it to the show you can still participate in the IPad raffle as well as our raffle baskets. Contact Team Manager Cheryl Meyer or one of the skaters for information on how to purchase raffle tickets.

If your on Facebook, the event invitation is right HERE!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Willkommen in Berlin!

Cal Gold at the Brandenburg Gate
California Gold has made it to Berlin! Our two practices earlier this week were extremely productive and we had some great run throughs.

After our practice thursday morning, we had the

opportunity to go out and tour the brilliant city of Berlin. We bought day passes for the "Bahnhoff," Berlin's subway system, and visited major sights such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Wall, and Checkpoint Charlie. After seeing the streets of Berlin, we walked just had to stop in a chocolate shop called Fassbender & Rausch and had ourselves a nice cup of hot chocolate. 

Our lifts on an outdoor sheet of ice outside the practice rink.
When we were preparing for short program last night, we were doing off-ice in a hallway in the hotel. There was a group of elderly German onlookers that were intensely interested in what we were doing. Our ridiculously happy smiles were probably very entertaining to them! 

In competition last night, we had an amazing time skating our short program. The fun and swanky program is always a blast to get into with our surprised and smiley faces! Going into long program today, we are sitting in 3rd place and are ready to push ourselves to skate a fast and clean program. GO TEAM USA!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Preparing for the Cup of Berlin

  We're down to our last few practices before we leave for the Cup of Berlin and we couldn't be more excited!  Our focus on the ice, however, has not been altered and we have been training hard these past weeks with the goal of skating two flawless programs in mind.  We recently received our new Team USA jackets and pants.  We were fully expecting to take a nice picture all dressed up in our outfits, but Alison pulled her pants out of the bag and asked "Are these supposed to be capris?" The pants were tiny and could not possibly fit anyone older than 10!  Our team started busting up as we all pulled our own pants out and found that they, too, were miniature!  It turned out that the inseam and outseam measurements had been mixed up, and our team manager tried every trick in the book to get them fixed by the time we left for Germany.  They will probably arrive after the competition, but we realized we had enough of the old Team USA pants for everyone to wear and that our new pants will not have to get dirty from the rain/mud, so it turned out to be a positive thing.  Plus, it gave us a funny story to tell :]
  For those of you who are not coming along with us, this blog will keep you up to date on what Cal Gold is up to in Berlin.  The Cup of Berlin Website can give you more information on the competition.