Friday, March 9, 2012

California Gold celebrates another successful season in 2012

California Gold Synchronized Skating teams conclude their 2012 season with both the Senior and Novice teams showing incredible growth.  December, they traveled to the Dr Richard Porter Classic in Ann Arbor, MI competing against teams from the US and Canada.  January, the Novice team traveled to the Pacific Coast Sectionals in Dearborn, MI and won the Silver Medal.  Days later, California Gold –Senior. Team USA, was off to Rouen, France for the French Cup.  The 2012 French Cup was a challenging competition with the top junior and senior teams around the world competing for the top monetary prize.  California Gold placed a respectable 7th behind six world teams.  Both teams finished their season at the 2012 U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships in Worcester, MA.  We are so proud of all the accomplishments the California Gold skaters have earned this season. 

California Gold is looking forward to a competitive and enthusiastic 2012 / 2013 season.  They are seeking skaters for Senior, Novice, Collegiate and Adult Teams.  Synchronized Team skating utilizes and advances your freestyle and dance skills at all levels.  Additionally, California Gold has a Beginner team at the East West Ice Palace skating school.   If you are looking for a challenge - try synchronized skating! You can get information about California Gold workshops on our website, or on Facebook: California Gold.

2012 US National Championships

This past weekend California Gold traveled across the continental United States to attend the Synchronized Skating National Championships in Worcester, Massachusetts. After a long flight, our Novice and Senior teams did a small amount of sightseeing at Quincy Market in Boston, but then it was all skating, all the time.

As a member of the senior team, my teammates and I were eager to improve on our scores from our international assignment in Rouen, France. Since France, our team had really amped up our presentation skills and hoped that we would see that reflected in our Program Component scores. All season we had worked hard to ensure that every member of our team understood our technical requirements, so that we would be skating smart, thinking about what needed to be done in each element. We knew going into our final skates of the season that a competition can be won or lost on those technical calls.

After several days of practice and preparation in Massachusetts, it was time for competition. In those two days of competition, we had several team talks and focus sessions, discussing reminders with one another and pumping ourselves up for the culmination of the season. We had practices both competition days between our official ice time in the morning, when the panel watched, and when we competed, to ensure that everything had been solidified.

Both our short and long programs were strong, clean skates that we are very proud of. I know that I feel incredible about how far this team came over the course of the season and how much each member grew. With a sixth place finish overall, we are pleased with out accomplishments and the wonderful season we had representing the Los Angeles area, the Pacific Coast and the United States of America. We will be cheering for the Crystallettes and Haydenettes as they represent the US once more at the 2012 Synchronized Skating World Championships! GO TEAM USA!

Its odd to have the season over, it feels so soon to me. Personally, I will enjoy sleeping in (far) past 3:30 a.m. for about a week and then be happy to trade in that lifestyle for more synchro practices!

Written by:
Emmeline Weinert - Senior Blog Writer
Senior Team Member 2010-Present
Co- Captain 2011-2012
USFS DREAM Skater 2011-2013