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2013 Here We Come!

My name is Emmeline Weinert, but most of my teammates call me Emmy. You will be reading my blogs all season so I thought I should introduce myself. I grew up watching my older sisters skate back home in Michigan which led me to ten years skating synchro with the Hockettes Synchronized Skating Teams. I came out west for College where I joined California Gold to continue my love of the sport. I am a junior at Loyola Marymount University where I am majoring in Political Science and Dance. This is my third season skating with California Gold senior and my second year as team captain. I am also a member of the DREAM Team, representing Team USA in synchronized skating and SoCal on the national skating scene.

Blog Writer Emmy strutting her stuff in Rouen France

California Gold senior has been together for almost seven weeks this season and yet everything still seems rather new. This is my third season with the team and things feel a little different. Teams typically talk about the amount of turn over each season, or returning skaters, but in this case, 'turn over' is a particularly apt phrase. It is not only that we have a very different team from last season, we have also brought back skaters from several years ago, 'turning over' the proverbial pile. as these individuals find themselves being the faces of Cal Gold once again, and not just our base.

2013 Senior Team USA (Alexa not pictured)
This makes for some interesting demographics. Less than half of our team has returned from last season (eight skaters), though an additional five skaters have skated on California Gold senior before. Four skaters moved up from last year's novice team and we are very excited to welcome two young women into the sport of synchronized figure skating for the first time. This totals nineteen individuals and one fantastic team.

Coaches Jill Cipresso and Amanda Falkowski talking with skaters during practice
However, Cal Gold isn't just working with skaters from many different synchro backgrounds, we are all at very different places in our lives. Six of our teammates are in high school, eight of us are college age and five out of school. Our ages range over a decade, from fourteen to twenty-five. Team Captain Brittany got married to Kevin Hurst this past June, while some of our high school athletes had school dances this past weekend. Our skaters come from Orange County in the south, to Santa Monica in the north in order to meet in Artesia early in the morning for practice.

Tiana - Pictured right, ready for her last high school Coronation Dance. Tiana is a 2nd year member of Team USA

Team Captain Brittany with her husband Kevin
Coach Falkowski and Brittany getting ready for the ceremony - Fun Fact: Both Coach Falkowski and Brittany have been skating together since they were elementary kids and met their husbands in the same Ice Rink Pro Shop.

Past and current Cal Gold Skaters at Brittany's wedding - Katie, Britney, Coach Cipresso, Brittany, Coach Falkowski, and Megan.
All of these things can make it difficult to build a team. Our skaters go to school full time, working grown up jobs and one is even an Air Force Cadet. However, with this difficulty comes an appreciation for commitment. The team is still working to get to know one another with after practice Panera Bread bonding sessions and facebook jokes. Practice is full of laughter as we push ourselves to coalesce as a team and prepare for the coming competitive season.

 Fun fact: I'm the coolcat in the stunna-shades
We are also thrilled to announce the news that Coach Cipresso is expecting her second child, due to arrive April 2013! It is sure to be another exciting season in the California Gold Family, and we look forward to sharing it with you.

Jill, Mario and Luca on their summer camping trip.
Written by:
Emmeline Weinert - Senior Blog Writer
Senior Team Member 2010-Present
Co- Captain 2011-2013
USFS DREAM Skater 2011-2013

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